Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This is the credit listings of animators from the first showing of El Tigre. Not everyone is up there though as it will work on a rotational basis. It feels great to get the credit. So Cudos to Nickelodian! Credit where credit is due feels pretty good.


Paco Sordo said...

Your work is great man.Can't wait to see el tigre by the way.

Adam Kelly said...

thanks man! I actually had a look at ur blog a few days ago. Great stuff on there . I think ur gonna enjoy el tigre. Its a laugh a second

minukis said...

2 kelly's? Uo! Are you related with him? Btw, what is el tigre? a serie or a film or what?

Do you have Sky Tv channel 195? A friend's short film will be broadcast on there on Friday 2nd March at 10pm. I won't have the chance as I can't watch that channel here :-(


Adam Kelly said...

Nope! no relation between the 2 kellys. El Tigre is a tv series we are producing for Nickelodian. The airing date is this saturday, but only in the U.S unfortunatly. It probably wont hit europe till about September. So we are all gonna have to wait patiently :(

Unfortunatly I don't have sky TV Jasmina but maybe if your friend has a website or a blog you could forward the url to me. I hope the study is going well! x