3D noodle

Some small animation noodles I did with one of the free rigs from Animation Mentor

Facebook Video Promos.

These animations were done as Facebook promos for Charged Monkey's first game release 'What The Hen'
What was interesting was learning what will work with people in terms of appeal, engagement and attention span.

Using Spine for 3D illusion.

These videos are samples of using Spine (a bones and mesh animation program) to give the illusion of 3D using static 2D highly rendered images. It's an interesting technical process of rigging and a careful use of paralaxing. Lots of fun once you get the rigging right.

Frame animation for effects.

These animations generally formed the basis of an effect that would be further finished with particle effects, recolouring in some cases and animation done using Unity 2D

winnie the pooh Walk cycle

Some 3d samples from Unity and Maya

Flash Game animations and FX


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